Dear Prospective Student,

We are pleased that you are interested in studying at our college.

As of the Winter Semester 2008/2009, following European study reforms, we have established eight-semester Bachelor’s and four-semester Master’s degree courses of study and two study programmes for School Music.

Bachelor’s degree courses of study:
Church Music (with a concentration in an artistic core subject starting in the 5th semester), Conducting/Choir Direction, Instrumental Pedagogy (Organ, Harpsichord, Piano, Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Flute and Recorder), a concert subject (Organ, Harpsichord), Vocal Pedagogy 

Master’s degree courses of study:
Church Music (with a concentration in an artistic core subject), Conducting/Choir Direction, a concert subject (Organ, Organ Improvisation, Harpsichord), Music Pedagogy with an artistic core subject (Organ, Organ Improvisation, Harpsichord, Piano and Voice), Music Theory/Church Music Composition, Gregorian Musicology and Liturgical Song

School Music:
This course of study is based on instructional collaboration in artistic, scientific and practical mediation fields between the University and the College of Music. It can be pursued in a music/non-music subject combination (Gyv) or intensively in two music subjects (Gyd). 

Young talents and guest auditors:
After successfully completing an aptitude test, young talents can be accepted on a permanent basis until they have received their school-leaving certificate. We allow guest auditors to take two semesters of private lessons in one subject and to participate in theoretical subjects upon completion of an assessment test. 

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