C o u r s e s o f S t u d y


Bachelor’s Degree Courses of Study

8 Semesters

1.    Church Music (as of the 5th semester, concentration in an artistic subject)
2.    Conducting/Choir Direction
3.    Instrumental Pedagogy: Organ
4.    Organ
5.    Instrumental Pedagogy: Harpsichord
6.    Harpsichord
7.    Instrumental Pedagogy: Piano 
8.    Vocal Pedagogy
9.    Instrumental Pedagogy: Violin, Viola, Violoncello, Flute and Recorder

Master’s Degree Courses of Study

4 Semesters

1.    Church Music (concentration in Choir Direction, Organ, Liturgical Organ, Voice or Gregorian Musicology and Liturgical Song)
2.    Conducting/Choir Direction
3.    Organ
4.    Harpsichord
5.    Organ Improvisation
6.    Music Pedagogy with an artistic core subject
(Organ, Organ Improvisation, Harpsichord and Voice) 
7.    Music Theory 
8.    Gregorian Musicology/Liturgical Chant

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