The history of an extraordinary educational institution

22 November 1874
The Church Music School of Regensburg is established by Franz Xaver Haberl and becomes the first Catholic church music school in the world still in existence. It has enjoyed international prominence beyond the German-speaking world since its inception.

22 November 1909
The school is taken over by Bishop Antonius von Henle as a “church foundation”.

24 January 1910
Prince Regent Luitpold grants the foundation—which today is known as the Church Music School Foundation of Regensburg (Stiftung Kirchenmusikschule Regensburg)—state accreditation.

11 February 1962
By decree of the academic congregation, following a temporary decree from 1959, the Church Music School of Regensburg becomes permanently affiliated with the "Pontificio Istituto di Musica Sacra" in Rome.

26 August 1973
After having been accredited in 1967 by the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture, it is retroactively transformed into the “Academy of Catholic Church Music and Musical Education” as of 1 January 1973. Cooperation agreements from the years 1989 and 1999 with the College for Music and Theatre in Munich enable the administration of degree examinations. 

10 May 2001
The “Church Music School Foundation of Regensburg” ("Stiftung Kirchenmusikschule Regensburg") changes its statutes through a decision of its foundation board and upon permission of the Bishop of Regensburg in order to adapt them to the new purpose of the foundation and the institution’s legal position as a church foundation under public law. 

15 November 2001
Upon agreement with the Bavarian and German Bishops’ Conference and with the Congregation for Catholic Education in Rome, the Most Reverend Bishop of Regensburg, Manfred Müller, on his 75th birthday, the Festival of St. Albertus Magnus, Bishop of Regensburg, signs the decree for the establishment of the “College for Catholic Church Music and Musical Education of Regensburg” with sponsorship from the “Church Music School Foundation of Regensburg” ("Stiftung Kirchenmusikschule Regensburg").

22 November 2001
On the festival of the patron saint of church music, St. Cecilia, a Pontifical Mass and ceremonial act take place on the occasion of the construction of the College of Catholic Church Music and Musical Education of Regensburg. 

22 November 2008
Completion of the total refurbishment of the College and, at the same time, enhancement of its church-music and music-education related profile through the implementation of the European Academic Reform (Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees).

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